At McKelligon Canyon, pick up maps and advice, including a

They stop doing the football… But it’s almost like if the Patriots said, ‘We’ll pay you the same but you’ll be the linebackers coach,’ he would love it. The Tom Mays Unit contains campsites and a diverse network of treks, including the easy on the knees Nature Walk and the moderate Aztec Cave Trail, which ends with caverns that once held pottery sherds and yucca mats and sandals. At McKelligon Canyon, pick up maps and advice, including a reality check on rattlesnakes and the heat, at the small visitors center and gift shop. (The park is building a new headquarters and visitors center at Tom Mays to replace the old facility; ETO is next summer.) The challenging Ron Coleman Trail, which inches along Franklin’s spine, departs from here and requires rock scampering skills.

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