JWC Member Spotlight

JWC is made up of an amazing group of local women leaders who are making a difference in our community. Meet some of the remarkable women who make up our talented team.

Mireya Ortiz has been the JWC Treasurer for the past three years, and sadly this will be her last year in office. Mireya is the type of person that is there for the club, she may seem quiet at times, but she is a fun loving person whose laughter is contagious. She is a behind the scene worker always offering help in different committees. She has been very generous to the club with raffle items and comes through for us in times of need and we truly thank her for her donations. Thank you Mireya, for your dedication and commitment to the JWC!

Yvette Lugo has been with the club for over 9 years. She has been a person with dedication and enthusiasm that flows through her and spreads to those around her. I personally have learned from Yvette in the past 5 years that you need to love what we do and be willing to share our time with the community. She is a Past President, and has graciously accepted to be my Spooktacular Chair for this year. I am forever grateful to her, as I know that she is also involved in many organizations. Yvette is the Director of the Area Agency on Aging and spends many hours with the elderly as well as the youth. So I thank you Yvette, for your hard work and dedication not just to the Juniors but for all those that you help with your leadership and guidance.

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